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About ABC Child Development Centers and Bright School-Age
Child Care Centers

ABC Child Development Centers and Bright School-Age Centers are designed to be model child care programs. The positive effects of our programming can only be truly achieved through the commitment of the management, teaching staff and support staff alike. We strive to have each of our centers to be “a light on a hill” for the families we serve – places where the stresses of their lives can be eased through the caring and compassion of dedicated staff to the families we serve.

Our 5-Star Approach


Character Development


Family Partnerships


Our Commitment to Excellence

  • To provide the finest educational experience for all of our children.
  • To provide developmentally appropriate academic curriculum and assessment.
  • To stimulate a lifetime love of learning.
Character Development
  • To build a solid sense of self-esteem, achievement, and leadership.
  • To model positive principles of behavior… sharing, caring patience, honesty, forgiveness, kindness, and justice.
  • To help develop continuing values and friendships to last a lifetime.
  • To provide safe, clean, and stimulating centers that provide a healthy atmoshpere which facilitate learning and ensure quality.
  • To add enrichment activities including: private swimming pools and splash park, dance and movement, foreign language, music, creative outside play spaces, sports camps and fun field trips.
Family Partnerships
  • To support positive family relationships.
  • To provide ongoing support where parents have a voice in their child’s educational development.
  • To provide parents the very best care for their children and the peace of mind that follows in knowing their children are in safe, dedicated hands.
  • To lead the centers with certified and dedicated staff who have years of experience and education.
  • To provide training and mentoring in “model” child care facilities for education students.
  • To expect the highest standards of integrity and leadership throughout the community for all of our staff.
Excellence ABC Child Development Centers in Greeley

ABC West has been an integral part of our family’s life and our children’s upbringing for the last four years.  ABC’s philosophy toward education and raising children – promoting good character and social skills, healthy and active lifestyles, and a curious mind – aligns with our own family values.  More importantly, it’s been a blessing to simply rest assured that our children are safe, secure and loved when we leave them in the hands of ABC’s caring, professional and passionate teachers and staff.  Both our children have attended ABC since they were 18 months old.  As our son enters Kindergarten this Fall, we are so thankful for everything ABC West has done to prepare him intellectually, physically, emotionally and spiritually for his next adventure, and so thankful that our daughter will benefit from another three years at ABC West.  Any family would be fortunate to have their children attend ABC West, and we give them our highest recommendation!

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